Want to be a Moderator?

Hey everyone!

We are proud to have community members who proactively engage with others on our forum and provide help whenever they can. To keep the forum as the convivial, useful and supportive environment it is, we are in search of volunteer moderators who have an abundance of passion and time to assist us with our Forum moderation.

As the Forums community continues to grow, and with plenty of work ahead, we are opening up applications for new forum moderators.

Mods can be some of the most important contributors to making the forums a great place to converse with fellow members, and we encourage anyone interested (including previous mods) to apply.

Moderators are a line of defense against hackers, spammers, and trolls. Moderators are expected to keep an eye on the forum. The tasks of a team member include (but are not limited to):
• Providing support with forum moderation (report spam and unacceptable behavior, banning abusive members, answer posts).
• Assisting forum members on forum navigation, facts, frequently asked questions, contacting support, etc.
• Enforcing forum rules.
• Decisively resolving disputes.

Just to be clear, participating on the Forums as a moderator is a voluntary role and not a formal employed position of Quick and Animus, LLC in any way. Moderators will be required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) as they will have direct access to Quick and Animus, LLC staff and administrative permissions on the Forums itself. Moderators will be expected to abide by the same Forum rules that all players must abide by.

To apply, please complete the questionnaire below, which includes the following information on:
Your profile
• Minimum age of 16 years old for Moderators
• You are willing to invest at least 1-2 hours per day.
• You speak fluent English (speaking, writing, and comprehension)
• You have and should be able to display a lot of patience.
• You’re not afraid to ask for help.
• You are enthusiastic about the books, the community, and the tasks that await you.
• Significant experience in forum or Discord moderation is a plus.
Application Questions
• Your name (first name would suffice).
• Your age.
• Why you want to be a moderator.
• What time zone you’re in.
• What languages you speak.
• What is your experience with forum or Discord moderation?
• Have you read The Fool’s Journey?

The A.R.C Community Team is looking forward to hearing from you! Apply now!
Candidates who stand out will be contacted for further discussion.

-The Staff